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My Experiences and #Social media!

I would like to introduce you to me! I am a wife and have two beautiful children. I was introduced to a program called NEA. I was assigned to a mentor and it was from then I started my cleaning business this year. I knew I wanted to always work for myself and this seemed to be the best way of providing a service and earning a living whilst the children were at school. It is flexible and is a very quick and no brainier way to start a business. I luckily had my first client search for me on I since then started my website and Twitter account and like to use Google + to market tips and tools for cleaning. I did use Facebook for a while however I wanted to try something different and use other methods to get business.

Facebook okay is a great way to get you noticed but it is not the bee all and end all so. So my journey without it has been great. We shall see what happens. If clients want to call me they are able to email and or call me on my mobile.

I have learned to create my own websites. Have marketing of products using html codes and website address linked on my pages. I have learnt about SEO and how to use social media hashtags. There is so much to learn all the time and learning and developing my knowledge to pass on to others and build my business. Not only am I a cleaner. I help and assist with emails, mobile phones. Recommend the best products on the market. I also love recommending friendly products that are great for our homes smell great and are still a great price.

I use tools to help me with hashtags and now have started my blog which I am learning how to monetise.

I arrive at my clients home. A beautiful four bedroom balcony home. Fit for a holiday lodge. The owner my client is a very busy individual and recently asked me to come and help clean up and help organise the mess.

I love the idea of assisting and re-organising. It is very therapeutic.

It was my first time here that I was introduced to eco friendly cleaning product called Method.

I absolutely love this product and recommend to all who have children.

I too also since starting my journey with my cleaning business I wanted to have more to do in our community and have since been involved in a charity working as a community carer too.

I have taken on several clients and will be hoping to expand to have a few employees working along side of me when I need to take time off to do my community work.

I also am involved and in managing several holiday lodges in the New Year, to get ready for holiday makers in Cornwall. I will be sharing with you my lovely recipe of scones.

I am always finding new things to share so please stay close and let me email you with latest!

All for now until I blog you again!

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